HOLLYWOOD—Will the audience truly be stunned by an episode of “Survivor 46?” I wish I could say yes, but this feels like the most predictable season of the series in years and my interest has been totally lost. I just don’t care anymore. We are down to our final seven and ‘My Messy, Sweet Little Friend’ has not given me any excitement. Kenzie was emotional after being blindsided and left out of the vote that sent her bestie out. Kenzie perhaps not bringing up taking out her ally could have been important.

Charlie, you’re showing you’re a follower, not a leader, and you spilled that to Kenzie, so that is totally going to hurt you when it comes to the jury. When Kenzie knows that Maria is getting credit for this move it is not boding well for your chances to win $1 million. I loved that Venus pinpointed that Maria’s target has risen and she was aware that Ben, Charlie and Maria are a trio that needs to be split apart.

I totally hate when the search for the idol becomes a group activity. This is why “Survivor” needs to change the scope of how idols work. Last week, I did want Q to find the idol, but he’s become a bit egotistical which has annoyed me. So to see Venus of all people locate the idol, it was indeed an exciting moment. Kenzie and Venus a duo? I could buy it, but Kenzie you’re off; she isn’t looking because she has already found the idol. Big foreshadowing for Venus in this episode bragging about having an idol and possibly going home with it.

Liz shared that Maria is planning her Final Five (Liz, Charlie, Ben, Maria and Q). Both ladies agreed Maria is dangerous and Venus pitched to Charlie that Maria is too dangerous to take to the end. Kenzie called it perfectly. Charlie is Maria’s puppet and the fact that everyone sees it, but him, is telling. Maria won the Individual Immunity Challenge and was tasked with picking two people to enjoy pizza with her. She picked Ben and it was her second choice that was damn telling, damn telling. She could have chosen Liz who still hasn’t eaten, Charlie, Venus or Kenzie or Q. She wouldn’t pick Q would she? Nope, she did pick him and utilized Paper, Rock, Scissors to determine that outcome. I would NOT force people to plead a case for pizza, you know who you’re going to pick.

That quickly Maria placed a VOTE ME OUT TARGET ON HER BACK WHENEVER SHE BECOMES VULNERABLE! Maria was totally feeling the heat at this Tribal Council, and I loved that Venus skewered her about that preface that she did regarding her decision to take Q on the Reward Challenge instead of Venus or Liz who still hasn’t eaten. It feels like the target is being setup for Maria to be sent packing to the jury at some point and it is going to be a massive move for whoever takes her out.

Venus came in guns blazing placing that target on Q, but if Venus cannot realize that she is in danger and should play the idol that she has in her pocket, this season is going to go down as the one where NO SUCCESSFUL IDOL plays transpired and multiple people were voted out the game with an actual idol in their pocket. Venus was voted out and it appears the jury was NOT impressed with the move at all people.

This season of “Survivor” is boring me because the editing makes it so obvious as to who is going home each episode; it is not exciting to watch at all. We have six people left and two episodes left in the season, yes, next week’s tease looks fun, but are we actually going to see something exciting? Until next week “Survivor” fanatics!