HOLLYWOOD—I will be honest, I have been up and down on this latest season of “Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.” Perhaps it was the fact that you had this majority alliance for most of this season controlling everything. I expect such dominance, but the frustration came with none of the contestants really playing the game to win, well for most not until we got down to the nitty gritty and at this point, I can only root for two people who I honestly think deserve the win: Ben.

For those thinking Chrissy, Ryan and Devon deserve the win you seriously have to argue their cases for me. Chrissy has pissed off more people on the jury than I can imagine with her sanctimonious attitude. Ryan is such a weasel that I don’t think many respect him at this point in the game, not to mention he hasn’t done much in recent weeks.

As for Devon, he started playing the game a bit late in my opinion and his betrayal of Ashley was just bonkers dumb in my opinion. With that being said, Ben and Mike have surpassed the odds, and are the venerable underdogs in my opinion, so with only 5 remaining the battle for the $1 million dollar prize begins. Ben is the underdog that I had to root for; he was constantly fighting against the odds, pulling idol after idol after idol out of his pocket to stun the majority who has attempted to take him out.

Once again, Ben’s constant digging for an idol, led to him finding another HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL! I’m secretly telling myself please keep this secret Ben, because I cannot wait to see the shocked faces at Tribal Council yet again. Information is power, and Ben has proven that keeping his mouth shut is the biggest advantage he has over everyone else in the game. Wow, the fact that these people are acting like Ben doesn’t exist is bad gameplay. Chrissy did a smart move by cozying up to him, as a way of being duplicitous, but Ben picked up on what she was selling and she looked super stupid.

This immunity challenge was vital, Ben didn’t need the win, but he needed to play it up as if he tried to ensure his ruse of blindsiding the others at Tribal delivered shockwaves. Devon was off to an amazing start, but it was Chrissy in the end who won the immunity. This was exactly what Ben didn’t want, but Chrissy planned to utilize her fake idol from the first Tribal Council. Ben immediately realized they were faking, and didn’t call their bluff playing up the part to make them think he was rattled by Chrissy’s sudden bombshell.

Oh, this was a fun epic Tribal Council where Chrissy utilized that fake idol to try to rattle Ben, but it didn’t work. The jury was stunned, and when Ben pulled out his idol it was utter madness yet again. Chrissy, Ben, Ryan and Devon was dumbfounded. We saw a tie, with one vote for Dr. Mike and one vote for Devon. Only Devon and Mike could be ousted, and Ben was having utter joy in the madness. Dr. Mike saw his game to an epic end, when Chrissy and Ryan decided to take out the final healer. Hmm, they shouldn’t have underestimated Ben. The guy has played his idols with absolute perfection, and he might be one of the smartest, savviest players we’ve seen at this point at the game.

That had to be one of the most stunning Tribal Council’s I’ve witnessed in a very long time people, with tons of thrills. The final immunity challenge was beyond anything ever seen. It was all about balance, stability and patience. At times I was almost certain Ben would take the win, but nope, Chrissy won the prize yet again. I hate saying this because I not a Chrissy lover, but I’ll be honest, I have to give her props for winning four individual immunity challenges, three of them being consecutive people. However, Jeff delivered one more final twist in the game: a secret advantage that was all Chrissy’s. Hmm, I wonder why a twist would be in play this late in the game people because it almost seems unfair if you ask me.  The advantage was the opportunity for her to cast a vote for ONE person to sit next to her in the end, as a result this gives Ben the opportunity to stay. YES, I love this people! Fire-making is the game changer right now people.

Chrissy was taking Ryan to the end, and Devon was going to be left out in the cold. I think that is a bad mistake people, she should take Devon. We’ve seen Devon make fire, but perhaps, just perhaps Ben might be able to stay in the game and stun Devon, Chrissy and Ryan. Chrissy’s emotional heartstrings were being pulled; and this is good, it gives Ben a chance. Ryan was certain that Ben would be ousted, but Ryan has absolutely no chance of winning this game in my opinion. It is not happening people, he’s a lost cause. Devon is practicing making fire, but he isn’t having much luck America! Ben is playing this game for his family and with that in play that totally changes one’s desire to make things happen.

At the final Tribal Council, Chrissy revealed to the jury and Ben, the shocker that things would culminate with a fire-making challenge. It delivered an opportunity for Ben to fight to the finish, as the jury seemed stunned that she selected Ryan to be in the final three. Hmm, I really don’t think Chrissy is gauging the jury’s opinion of herself and Ryan. Ben was ready to battle and I mean he was not going down without a major fight. Oh, this is juicy good! The suspense is killing me, with both Ben and Devon taking different approaches. Ben gets his fire starting, but rather it keeps going is another thing people. Devon was furiously fighting to start that fire, but nothing was happening and Ben proved he deserved to win this game. Chrissy you underestimated Ben people. The jury looks very impressed with Ben’s resilience. With that, Devon joins the jury. So we have our final three in Ben, Chrissy and Ben.

The Final Tribal Council was full of theatrics as the jury got the opportunity to force Chrissy, Ben and Ryan to plead their case to win the game. Desi brought up a great point about Ryan being a GOAT, Ben and Chrissy having bad social games. Ben owned up to his social awkwardness, but Chrissy’s argument of attempting to build social bonds and Ryan attempted to throw Ben under the bus. Wow, seeing the fireworks between Chrissy and Ryan was epic people.

Desi thank you for asking that question about these contestants inability to not be more aware of Ben’s ability to find idol after idol after idol, and Ben was really forced to dig deep to plead his case to become the sole survivor, and talking about his PTSD, his family and letting that hard exterior to shatter was a powerful speech. It’s between Ben and Chrissy people, Ryan argued a strong case, but I still don’t think the jury was buying what the hustler was selling. Jeff please read the votes already! BEN is the winner of “Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.” Can’t wait to see what season 36 “Survivor: Ghost Island” has in store for viewers.