Tag: ads

Lame Bowl Ads

UNITED STATES—Tell me the last time you watched a Super Bowl ad that truly grabbed your attention; an ad that hooked you and forced...

Political Ad Mayhem

UNITED STATES—You know when it’s election year, when those political ads start running on television. It’s only September, and I’m telling myself now I...

The Super Bowl Commercials That Matter!

UNITED STATES—For many Americans we HATE commercials, it’s what many would call interruptions into their favorite program. However, if there is one time during...

The Pepsi Ad Controversy

UNITED STATES—Whoa, last week was not a good week for the soda drink company Pepsi. That ad they released mid-week with reality star and...

Commercial Success

UNITED STATES—One of the biggest cooler room conversations the day after the Super Bowl seems to fixate on the commercials. I mean when you...
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