UNITED STATES—For many Americans we HATE commercials, it’s what many would call interruptions into their favorite program. However, if there is one time during the year where the commercials matter it’s the Super Bowl and Super Bowl LII sure delivered some favorites people, but there was also plenty of flops as well. Side note: my focus on this column isn’t really on the flops, but the standouts.

I have to argue that that lip sync battle between actors Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman. Dinklage performing to a Busta Rhymes classic while promoting the new ‘Blaze’ Doritos was stellar. I’m was literally laughing to the core watching the commercial, asking myself just how in the world was Dinklage able to effortlessly capture each of those lyrics without any hesitation. Morgan was also impressive performing a Missy Elliott classic to promote Mountain Dew’s newest flavor Ice.

There was also that hilarious M&M commercial involving Danny DeVito. It started off slow, but that moment where he was struck by the truck was hilarity. I have to say those Tide ads involving “Stranger Things” star David Harbour were one of the funniest things I witnessed all night. Another funny ad for the night involved actor Chris Pratt who was certain he would be the star of a Michelob Light ad, only to discover he is just like everyone else.

Another classic moment was NFL stars Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning recreating that iconic moment from the movie “Dirty Dancing.” As a viewer, you have no idea where things are going to head in the beginning, but once the music starts playing it all made perfect sense. There weren’t many heart-touching commercials, but I did find myself fond of that Hyundai commercial which attempted to do its best to tug at the heart. That Alexa commercial that utilized Gordon Ramsey, Cardi B and several other famous faces was ok; it was not something that left me in stitches or wondering if I should get that device.

There were some epic movie trailers in play as well, I mean “A Quiet Place” starring Emily Blunt and John Krasinki looks absolutely terrifying, and after seeing the latest trailer for “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” I’m all in America. Oh, and audiences got their first tease at the stand-alone Han Solo flick set to arrive in theaters during the Memorial Day weekend. Tom Cruise and company are back again for “Mission Impossible: Fallout” which looks fun; I mean audiences even got to see that infamous jump that left Cruise with a broken ankle halting production. There were also teases for the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War” that is set to push our superheroes to the brink of disaster.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but a lot of the ads this year were not firing on all cylinders as you hope for when it comes to the Super Bowl. I mean we’re talking about ads that cost at minimum $5 million to reserve a spot people; that is NOT chump change. I’ve come to realize that Super Bowl ads are all aimed to get people talking! I seriously doubt anyone is running out to purchase any of these items after seeing the commercial. However, I am tempted to purchase those Blaze Doritos and I’m eager to try out that Diet Coke Mango flavor. It just sounds like a tantalizing drink that will offer something I’ve never had before.

I felt for 2018 that plenty and I mean plenty of the ads this year were ok, nothing super stellar or epic standouts to say the least. It is starting to become more of a game of how big of an ad can one develop that will be talked about much more than the actual Super Bowl game itself.