Tag: Bridge

Man Dies By Suicide In Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA—On May 13, a man in Santa Monica jumped off an overpass on I-10, to commit suicide. He was pronounced dead at the...

Bridge Linking Griffith Park To Glendale Approved By State Assembly

GRIFFITH PARK—A new, $20 million bridge to link the cities of Griffith Park and Glendale was passed by the California State Assembly. The 300-foot-long span...

Evolution Of: Bridges

United States – CREATING BRIDGES is a commonality we have shared with CENTURIES of other humans. If not for purposes of travel or trade,...

Lane Closure On Las Flores Canyon Road

MALIBU—The City of Malibu is installing a new pre-fabricated bathroom building as part of the Las Flores Creek Restoration and Park Project in eastern...
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