Tag: Cesar Faison

Peter August Unveiled On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—I really thought the writers on the ABC soap “General Hospital” were going to drag this Peter August aka Henrik Faison paternity secret for...

Two Major Deaths Rock “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—I always find it fascinating when a face from the past returns to the canvas and creates just utter chaos. Well that was the...

Nathan Is Cesar Faison’s Son On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—It looks like the powers that be on the ABC soap “General Hospital” is ready to bring back one of its greatest villains of...

The REAL Jason Morgan Unveiled On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—We’ve been waiting for the truth for several months, and at long last the ABC soap “General Hospital” has revealed to viewers what we’ve...

Madness Erupts On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—After weeks of causing havoc for the residents of Port Charles, Olivia Jerome has found her reign of terror come to end on “General...
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