HOLLYWOOD—I really thought the writers on the ABC soap “General Hospital” were going to drag this Peter August aka Henrik Faison paternity secret for months to come, but surprise they are not. I thought Nina would be the first to discover Peter’s true identity; however, it was Griffin, who after running that test learned that Peter is indeed linked to Cesar. The question we all wanted to know was just what Griffin would do with that information? Um, nothing because his medical license is in play if he divulges what he did without patient confirmation.

However, Griffin made a fatal mistake by choosing to leave that file in Ava’s presence, and she took a look even though Griffin specifically asked her not to. Ava really can’t keep a secret and I sense she is planning to utilize this information to her advantage perhaps with Jason Morgan who is desperate to locate Henrik. Speaking of Jason he got his hands on P.K. Sinclair’s book at hopes of getting the details on Faison’s traitor of the son, and getting those answers as to why he was locked away for nearly 5 years. Anna has danced with Jason about not harming Henrik because she knows something he doesn’t: the unknown son is actually her son. If there is one thing we know about Anna is that she goes to battle for those she loves, and I think she will indeed be in the crossfire when the truth is unveiled.

Why? Well, Nina has Curtis digging up information on Peter, especially since realizing he is getting closer and closer to Maxie each day, and putting a thorn in her relationship with her sister-in-law. While Peter’s true identity will be fun to watch, I’m more eager at the revelation that Peter dropping the tea that he has known Valentin all-along and Valentin has known about him. Audiences have been dying for Valentin to receive his comeuppance and I think it’s about to transpire in epic fashion America.

That is not the only story making waves in Port Charles because at long last viewers are FINALLY getting the truth about the mystery involving Jim Harvey, Franco, Drew and Betsy. At first I thought Jim was just physically abusive to the kids, but it now seems he may have molested Franco and Drew as kids. Betsy shared the dirty details with Drew while hospitalized. With the walls closing in on him, Jim planned to take out Betsy, but that was thwarted, which resulted in him attempting to kidnap Liz and Jake at gunpoint. However, Franco came to their rescue, but Jim got the upper hand, as Drew and Liz came to search for Franco.

However, it was not Franco to take out Jim, it was Drew. Jim revealed he did indeed molest Franco and a ton of other kids, and Franco pushed Drew down the stairs to protect him from being molested. Wow, did not expect that, but it was riveting to watch. Drew does indeed have his hands full America, because with Sam out of the picture at the current moment, it has allowed him to re-bond with Kim and Oscar couldn’t be happier at the prospect of his mom and dad reuniting to become a happy family.

The story that has raised my interest the most is the haunting of Morgan Corinthos courtesy of Nelle. Nelle is desperate to get Michael back into her orbit, but she is going about it the wrong way America. You don’t make someone like you by planning to drive their mother crazy thinking her son who died might be alive. It started off light, but when Carly returned to her former home, Nelle planned everything perfectly to rattle Carly to the core.

Yes, Carly is losing it, exactly what Nelle planned. Making the situation worse is that she plans to use this same tactic on Ava to get her to back off. I was stunned to see Ava warn Nelle not to continue with the plan (Ava has no idea about) to take down Carly, and Nelle deciding to use Morgan’s favorite fragrance to rattle Ava. I mean Carly is losing it, and attacked Sonny with a bat as a result, and its apparent Sonny is concerned about his wife’s wellbeing.

I love the bond that is being built between Nina and Maxie, but the war between Peter and Valentin is brewing and it is leaving our Uber villain (Valentin) on edge. Why? When the truth about his involvement is revealed all hell will break loose on “General Hospital!”