Tag: challenges

Change For 2021

UNITED STATES—I know I am NOT the only person who thinks 2020 has been perhaps one of the worst years they’ve seen in their...

Ryan Kelly’s 44 Mile Walk For Pediatric Cancer

MALIBU—Amidst COVID-19, Ryan Kelly, a former U.S. national team cyclist, has chosen to walk 44 miles in support of fighting childhood cancer. The walk...

The Work From Home Challenge

UNITED STATES─So many employers have enacted a work from home policy in the midst of this global crisis that has stifled the economy and...

Inspired To Dream

UNITED STATES—A dream: it’s something many of us hold onto with unbelievable power. We all have dreams, we all have aspirations, but for many...

School Is Back In Session!

UNITED STATES—Labor Day is officially over, and school is back in session America! Yup, for those elementary students, middle school students, high school students...

Sticking To That New Year Resolution

UNITED STATES—For most people, its February, and at this point many people may have given up on their New Year’s Resolution, but for myself...
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