MALIBU—Amidst COVID-19, Ryan Kelly, a former U.S. national team cyclist, has chosen to walk 44 miles in support of fighting childhood cancer. The walk offered $4,400 for the pediatric cancer research, trailing from Ventura Harbor to Malibu Pier. She began her walk Friday, May 1 and reached Malibu on Saturday, May 2.

The walk originated from The Pablove Foundation Champion for Champions Challenge which encouraged participants to use their down time of social distancing to indulge in a physical activity thus creating a fundraiser on Facebook. Following this challenge, people have selected their own diverse physical challenges such as cycling over 100 miles or climbing up and down mountain ridges until reaching the elevation of Mt. Everest.

The Pablove Foundation originated in 2008, helping families guide through a similar journey by “improving lives of children living with cancer through creativity and also investing in underfunded pediatric cancer research,” according to Pablove’s website. They have managed to bring in 1,200 students from eight cities to participate in their photography program and raise $2.8 million for research.

Kelly has been appointed as the Pablove Foundation’s new Director of Sports Programs. Her boyfriend, Roy Knickman, a bronze medalist in cycling in the 1984 Olympics has supported her walk this past weekend by following behind her in a camper donated by Sideshow Collectibles of Newbury Park. His daughter, Emma, has been fighting through seven relapses of cancer.

“We’re standing alongside these people and their families during this time,” Kelly says.

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