Tag: Claudia

“Empire” Spring Premiere

HOLLYWOOD—I seriously hate when shows go on such a long hiatus that you barely remember what transpired. That is how I felt with the...

“Empire” Kicks Off Season 4!

HOLLYWOOD—Season 3 of the FOX series “Empire” was a thrill-a-minute! After a lackluster second season, things quickly turned around in season three as the...

“If Loving You Is Wrong” Recap: ‘A Wicked Soul’

HOLLYWOOD—Fans of the Tyler Perry series “If Loving You is Wrong” has been waiting for this moment all season long. Just what secret has...

“If Loving You Is Wrong” Recap: ‘An Evil Alliance’

HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” before the second season finale next Tuesday and boy was it...

“If Loving You Is Wrong” Recap: ‘The Will’

HOLLYWOOD—Julius may have pulled the strings to take out his father to ensure he inherited everything, but little did he know his father had...
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