Tag: conspiracy

Businessman Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy Charges

SHERMAN OAKS—A Sherman Oaks business man plead guilty to a $1.3 billion fraud scheme on Wednesday, August 7 before a South Florida judge. Robert Shapiro,...

Brothers Face Trial In Identity Theft Refund Scheme

WOODLAND HILLS—Two brothers from Woodland Hills are going to trial in April 2019 on federal charges alleging a stolen tax refund check scheme. Victor A....

Goodbye Mr. President As Cameras Roll

HELLO AMERICA!—We have received numerous calls from our friends and associates in the motion picture industry with stories they are anxious to create for...

Evolution Of: Black Pepper Cancer?

United States - Once upon a time salt and black pepper were such expensive spices, they were traded as currency, but not anymore. As a...

Cher Denies Murder Plot

HELLO AMERICA!—When hearing about a murder plot to kill mega-star "Cher" I decided to call my old friends to find out what the hell...

Medical Marijuana Owner Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy Charge

WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Monday, November 23, former medical marijuana owner plead guilty to charges of conspiracy in federal court. Andrew Harrison Kramer, 41, pleaded guilty on the...
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