WOODLAND HILLS-On Wednesday, March 10, the Glendale Police Department announced that six men have been arrested for attempted residential burglary.

On March 6, at approximately 9:00 p.m. officers responded to a residence regarding an unknown person wearing a ski mask that was seen jumping the fence and entering the back of the property.

Within minutes, the Air Support Unit arrived overhead as males with backpacks were in the backyard of the property fleeing the scene. The four male suspects then entered two vehicles that were parked in front of the residence and fled the location. The Air Support Unit kept a visual on both vehicles as they directed patrol units to their locations. Officers then located and stopped both involved vehicles.

Each vehicle was occupied by three males. 31-year old Michael Smyer of Woodland Hills, 26-year-old Terry McGee of Los Angeles, and 22-year-old Kalin Butler of Los Angeles occupied one vehicle, while 26-year-old Drequanne Armstrong of Palmdale, 20-year-old Daizon Blue of Palmdale, and 26-year-old Dionza Blue of Van Nuys occupied the other vehicle.

During the investigation, it was discovered that McGee had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and Smyer was on parole and also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Officers also located multiple ski masks, crowbars, gloves, a screwdriver, and a hammer.

All six individuals were arrested and booked for conspiracy to commit a crime and attempted burglary to a residence.