Tag: credit

Getting Something For Free

UNITED STATES—How often do people actually get something for free in the United States? It rarely happens, but in 2020 and 2021,  I’ve started...

Credit, Cash Or Debit?

UNITED STATES─I am pretty sure we have all been warned that when it comes to our spending habits that cash is king. Why? There...

Saving More Money

UNITED STATES—Money management, it’s something we continue to talk about a ton, but for good reason. Americans are in debt and it seems that...

Smart Money Management

UNITED STATES—Its February, and for most Americans they are in the midst of receiving those credit card statements in the mail showcasing what charges...

City Earns Highest Credit, Bond Ratings

MALIBU—The City of Malibu has earned the highest possible credit rating from the bond-rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) for the refinancing of bonds...

Cash Or Credit?

UNITED STATES—Haven’t we all heard that phrase time and time again: cash or credit? It’s that option that tends to be expected anytime we...
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