Tag: Debate

Political Rhetoric

UNITED STATES—Man politics is just that one topic that people always get heated about. Rather you’re amongst family, friends or in the workplace, it’s...

The Hastain Trail, Still A Hot Topic!

COLDWATER CANYON—The Hastain Trial (Peak Trail) in the William O. Douglas Park west of Coldwater Canyon has been a hot topic of dispute between...

Psyche Is To Mind As Bones Are To Body

UNITED STATES—POSITIVE EXPERIENCE REINFORCES THE PSYCHE AS MILK NOURISHES THE BONES. Without calcium, bones are weak and cannot sustain the body's maximum potentiality. Without positivism...

What Is Being Debated People?

UNITED STATES—I’m frustrated with the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election and for good reason. I seriously cannot recall the last time so much BUZZ has...

Debates, Debates, Debate!

UNITED STATES—It’s hard to believe it is only November and the Republican candidates vying for the Presidential nomination have already had a total of...

Why Should We Always Debate?

UNITED STATES—Something that surprises people about me is the fact that I’m a debater. To be honest, I was even a member of the debate...
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