UNITED STATES—It’s hard to believe it is only November and the Republican candidates vying for the Presidential nomination have already had a total of four debates. When you look at the Democratic Party, they have only had one debate so what gives?

Well the Republican field is a bit crowded, so the debates help to diminish that growing field of candidates, by placing the pressure on them to announce to the American public precisely what they plan to do if elected to become the Commander in Chief.

I do find it slightly frustrating that some candidates who could be viable options are rendered to another smaller debate and don’t get the national attention that some of the ‘frontrunners’ are continuing to get. If we have 20 candidates for the President of the United States of America so be it. Get a bigger stage and make it suitable for the moderators to control the group of candidates.

It simple, pose a question to the candidate, allow them a response, then open the stage for rebuttals. Put a time frame on it, because so many candidates love to chat and chat and chat and to be honest many might not give a crap about the issue at hand. Yes, that last debate was a complete fiasco; I mean things were all over the place. However, I think it was more an issue about candidates who were well aware that their chances at The White House were slowly going down in flames and they did and said everything possible to keep people looking at them.

I honestly wish the moderators start asking SPECIFIC questions about issues instead of personal fodder about the candidates. To a degree your past actions mean everything, but if someone poses a distinct question and as a person who wants to lead, you’re unable to answer that is a massive red flag in my opinion.

How about we get some questions geared towards the economy, finances, education, fair wages, terrorism, national security, health insurance, the housing market. I have yet to really tune into a debate from both the Republican and Democratic parties where these issues are top discussions.

Hey, candidates, this is what the American public wants to hear about? Give us your take on these issues and how you will respond to certain issues if they arise. Give us a better understanding of how your mind works and where you’d like America to be in the next four years if you are elected as our next Commander in Chief. With any debate, personal attacks are indeed going to be thrown, but at the same time, a candidate who refuses to get his or her hands dirty does not bode well with me.

Stop looking at the issue as if you’re attacking your opponent; you’re making the public aware of inconsistencies in your opponent’s claims or his or her thoughts of reasoning. A debate is not aimed to make your opponent look bad, it’s to place yourself in a positive light.

The personal attacks that are going back and forth with both parties are slightly sickening to a degree. I’ll admit some of them our downright hilarious, Donald Trump I’m speaking about some of your jabs at other candidates, but at the same time the guy really speaks the truth and can you fault him for doing so?

The Democratic Party needs to get things in order. The Republicans are on debate four, while we’ve only had a slice of what the Democratic side is presenting to the American public. It’s time for those candidates to step into the spotlight and highlight for the American people precisely what they intend to do that perhaps the Republican Party is unable or not willing to do. I like debates when things are fair and the bias is not evident. Let the candidates speak, allow the public to decipher and ensure the moderators ask questions that are not biased or personally looking to attack one candidate, while allowing others to be unscathed.