Tag: discipline

Be Discipline With Money

UNITED STATES—It’s time to chat yet again about the world of money, finances and how to better manage. I recently completed a survey where...

Evolution Of: Kinky Sex

UNITED STATES—"Fifty Shades of Grey" was more KINKY for some than others and I surmise those shocked were living the missionary lifestyle. Wikipedia defines the...

Bad Parenting

UNITED STATES—Being a parent is no easy job. Yes, there are plenty of books out there, and everyone that you know who has a...

Discipline Nightmare

UNITED STATES—When it comes to disciplining children there are tons of theories out there. Time-outs, punishments, taking away gadgets and toys or in some...

The Art To Organization

UNITED STATES—Keeping things organized is no easy task, but I believe that organization prevents chaos. I would not quite consider myself a neat freak,...

Just Say Yes, Again

UNITED STATES—In my experience, the topics addressed in self-help often turn out to have uncanny relevance for the author. For example, the importance of...
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