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“Survivor: Ghost Island” Crowns A Winner!

HOLLYWOOD—For someone who has been a reborn fan of “Survivor” after watching the guilty pleasure ‘Second Chances’ season, the latest installment has been a...

“Survivor: Ghost Island” Losing Steam

HOLLYWOOD—The start of the current season of “Survivor,” coined ‘Ghost Island’ was some of the best that I have seen in years, however, after...

“Survivor: Ghost Island” Merge Recap

HOLLYWOOD—I have been utterly enthralled with “Survivor: Ghost Island.” This is the first time in a long time where you can actually tell there...

“Survivor: Ghost Island” Presents Tantalizing Premise

HOLLYWOOD—I seriously have been a major fan of the CBS reality-competition series “Survivor.” There have been some seasons that were phenomenal (“Survivor: Cambodia” I’m...
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