HOLLYWOOD—I have been utterly enthralled with “Survivor: Ghost Island.” This is the first time in a long time where you can actually tell there is no mega alliance dominating everything. Yes, some might argue the Naviti tribe is controlling the game, but there are so many fractures in that group that the merge proved to be more entertaining than I ever expecting. We’ve seen blindsides, epic tribal councils and players who seemed doomed find a way to stay in the game.

So with the merge looming, the remaining members of the Malolo tribe (Libby, Laurel, Jenna, Michael and Donathan) reunited, but the numbers were not on their side. Why? Naviti and its remaining members (Domenick, Chris, Angela, Chelsea, Sebastian, Desiree, Kellyn and Wendell) reunited, but the war between Chris and Domenick really reached a boiling point. It’s 8 against 5, it’s so obvious, but this is “Survivor” and nothing is ever as simple as it appears America. This is a game about strategy and being loyal to a tribe won’t get you to the end and even if it does it does not guarantee you the win. It is all about the bonds that you build along the way.

The merge kicked off this week’s episode, ‘Fear Keeps You Sharp,’ where it was one big happy family while everyone enjoyed a big feast, but here is where the game actually kicks into full gear. Chris with the rapping, has got to stop, it’s cringe-worthy, yet hilarious at the same time. However, the story of Wednesday’s episode was the ever-growing feud between Naviti members Chris and Domenick. Hmm, I wonder if those two realize it makes them easy targets for everyone else as we reach our first vote with a unified tribe.

Wow, how often has “Survivor” ever placed an advantage in a buff, and who expected Chris to be the person to obtain a clue to obtain a hidden immunity idol, but it had to be done at night and he had to travel to Ghost Island to obtain it. That is super risky, but I would have to go for it. Kellyn, Chelsea and Wendell wanted to squash the beef with Chris to unite as one tribe to target Michael or Libby. To see Domenick willing to bury the hatchet, but Chris not even willing to consider it is crazy! Like this war is on, and we could see idol mayhem during this first united Tribal Council.

Chris managed to sneak off to Ghost Island to nab J.T.’s hidden immunity idol from “Game Changers,” where Chris could ONLY use it at the next Tribal Council. However, there was a risk, waging his vote to increase the idol’s shelf life to last longer. Chris, being greedy chose to gamble after extending his idol’s power to the next two tribal councils, and soon after lost his vote at the upcoming vote. Domenick why are you telling everyone about the idol/fake idol. It’s apparent everyone on Lavita (the new tribe) is over the Chris and Domenick feud. What, Jenna actually exists, she got a confessional!

The first individual immunity challenge involved the contestants balancing a statue on a pole while moving across a wooden plank. Yeah, this challenge did not look easy at all. It became a battle between Kellyn, Chelsea and Libby for the win, but it was Kellyn who won. Gotta say, I truly think Kellyn needed that win because she could have been a target during this war between Chris and Domenick. Chris rallied everyone except Domenick and Wendell to split the vote between Dom and Wendell, and informed Libby that she was a target. Whoa, I forgot there are only 6 votes, so it could be a tie, but the problem is no one knows that Wendell has an idol, which could totally change this game.

Good talk, Wendell informing his ally of his idol helps them strategize, which means I have no clue where this vote is going. Donathan and Laurel spilled the tea to Dom about not trusting Jenna and Libby. Wow, this episode was bonkers because Dom is working, Chris is working, Wendell is working, and Desiree, Kellyn, Chelsea and Angela are all working to complete their own agenda: targeting Libby. Who would have expected the remaining ladies of Naviti to perhaps be a power player in this war? Watching this episode my brain fried because I have NO CLUE as to what is going to transpire. Let the madness begin because this was one of the most exciting Tribal Council’s I’ve witnessed in “Survivor” history. Hard to believe 22 days in, this is the first time Chris has been to Tribal Council this season. Jeff’s questions were slowly building up the tension between Chris and Dom, where Dom put the entire feud on the table. Not sure if its strategy or not, but I find it smart that Dom did that, and he pulled out his fake idol showing psychological warfare. War of words exploded between Wendell, Chris and Dom, and it was ALL OUT ON THE TABLE!

Thank you Kellyn for putting it out there, that a ton of advantages are all over the place (which there really is) and things could explode and not in a good way. Oh, the suspense is killing me. Love him or hate him, Domenick is one hell of a character, but I loved Wendell’s confessional for Chris. When Jeff decided to tally the votes, no idols came to play, so Dom revealed his legacy advantage which took EVERYONE by surprise. Oh, it was hilarious to watch everyone’s face! Some might think Dom wasted his advantage, but he didn’t you can play at 13 or 6, you better play it if you feel threatened, and considering he still has an idol increases his chances in this game.

Chris is an absolute idiot; he had an idol and didn’t play it, and was voted out and became the first member of the jury. Libby should be careful, she is indeed on people’s radar and better win immunity or an idol if she wants to stay in the game. “Survivor: Ghost Island” has been one of my favorite seasons of the show since “Survivor: Cambodia,” because you never know where things are headed. “Survivor: Ghost Island” airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS.