Tag: Ethan

“The White Lotus” Ends Season 2 With Shocking Death!

HOLLYWOOD—This is a limited series I got entangled into recently after hearing so much buzz about the first season. I’m referring to the HBO...

“Welcome To Plathville” Is Quite Interesting!

HOLLYWOOD—I have been quite entertained watching the TLC reality series “Welcome to Plathville.” Sometimes you stumble upon a series that just hooks you, which...

“Winners At War” Recap: ‘I Like Revenge’

HOLLYWOOD─There was a big blindside last week on “Survivor: Winners at War.” Sele is being decimated by the Dakal tribe, and Adam’s plan to...

“Winners At War” Recap: ‘Out For Blood’

HOLLYWOOD─Last week was a fun episode of “Survivor: Winners at War.” I mean we’ve only had two episodes, technically three if you count the...
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