HOLLYWOOD─Last week was a fun episode of “Survivor: Winners at War.” I mean we’ve only had two episodes, technically three if you count the 2-hour premiere, but the gameplay so far has been epic, and I mean epic. Fans have not been treated to this level of gameplay in such a long time we’re spoiled to the core. This week’s episode, ‘Out For Blood’ saw Sele regrouping after Danni was voted out.

Adam pinpointed that Boston Rob was running the game, and he was ready to take a shot at a big player to change the course of the game as we know it. Adam and Denise fostered the notion of taking out Parv and continuing their bond with Ethan and Rob. Denise is playing a great game; she has a full idol and has Adam as her ally, and she has two fire tokens. However, the Old School players look like they’re on the outs, but the episode just started, so I think that is a major smokescreen.

Adam telling Ethan you want to target Parvati is the biggest mistake you can make I mean this is “Survivor” people. Things are churning. Back on Dakal, Sandra made it clear that her fifth time playing the game is it for her; she has no intention of playing the game ever again. Tyson wanted to target Queen Sandra to take the target off his back, and used that information as leverage to start getting the wheels churning for Yul and Sophie.

Man I love Tony Vlachos. That guy is hilarious, singing the Baby Shark song, only Tony people. So Yul informed Sandra that Tyson tossed her name out, and the Queen wanted blood people. Back on the Edge of Extinction, Dannie went hunting for fish to ensure they could eat, just as a new opportunity arose for the players. It was a map of a tree, some standing out more than others.

However, things are not as easy as before, a puzzle involving numbers needed to be unlocked, as Danni and Natalie stayed, but Amber went back to write numbers down on crates to solve the puzzle, however it was nothing. Natalie is killing it on the edge, as she realized the shells were the clue and she destroyed the evidence so they wouldn’t have the opportunity to get the prize. Man if this woman does not get back into the game I will be livid, she is playing so hard.

This time Natalie had the opportunity for a steal a vote advantage that is valued at 1 fire token. Who would she give this opportunity to? Natalie has three fire tokens. Her odds are looking good people. So Natalie gave the opportunity to Sarah, where she can sneak into the other camp and steal the vote from a fire torch. Natalie was smart in considering Sarah knowing her previous past with that advantage, and she asked for Tony’s help. This is amazing these two are working together without any friction people.

One major problem for Sarah, Ethan was fire much awake ensuring the fire was still going, while everyone else slept. However, Sarah’s movements wake up Ben, who is perceptive someone was up to no good at the camp. So this immunity challenge was interesting, would Sele be returning back to Tribal Council or would shakeups transpire at Dakal? Once again, Sandra sat out of the challenge. Damn does this woman ever compete. Dakal had a hefty lead, starting on their puzzle before Sele even made it to the human wall, but they made up plenty of time.

Sophie and Sarah panicked, as Rob and Michele picked up the pace people. This was indeed nail biter, but Dakal managed victory yet again. Wow, Sele is being decimated people, this tribe looks defeated. Who would strike first? It was a face-off, but Adam was being a bit cute and told Rob that Parv was a major target? Why the hell would you NOT blindside Rob Adam? You’re showing your giddiness as a fan, and I think it’s going to hurt you. Rob confronted Michele and Jeremy about blindsiding Adam and he started chatting in overload, but there’s a hiccup. Denise has an idol and it can be used if needed to protect her ally. So it looks like Jeremy and Michele could be power players in this crucial vote. Michele is playing and I like it, so Adam, Ethan and Parvati are all on the chopping block, not sure how this vote will transpire.

There was not a ton of fireworks in the start of Tribal Council, as Parvati was not afraid to announce she was a target, but I wanted more from this TC; where the chaos, the drama and the antics. The votes started to be read with Parvati and Adam receiving votes, but it was an unexpected blindside with Ethan being voted out the game, much to Adam and Rob’s surprise. Adam was speechless, so was Ethan, I like surprises people.

Ethan chose to give his fire token to Parvati who is likely to use that to further her game. I feel like Ethan might align with Rob and Parvati now, with Michele, Jeremy, Ben and Denise being a foursome, but I feel a swap is coming and that changes everything people. Until next Wednesday “Survivor” fanatics!