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Weeding Before Weeds Start Seeding

UNITED STATES—Weeds are weeds simply because they grow so aggressively where they do not belong. They begin before the weather gets warm enough for...

Exotic Weeds Are The Worst Weeds

UNITED STATES—Exotic species are not native. It is that simple. There is nothing fancy about it. They came from elsewhere to live here. They...

Exotic Birds Stolen

TOPANGA CANYON—On Sunday, August 8, officers with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) announced that they are requesting the public's help in identifying two...

Invasive Weeds Will Waste No Time

UNITED STATES—With few exceptions, the most aggressively invasive weeds here are exotic. In other words, they are not native. They came from other regions...

Exotic Species Can Become Naturalized

UNITED STATES—Every palm tree in local landscapes is exotic. Simply put, all palms are originally from somewhere else. The desert fan palm, the only...

Weeds Obviously Grow Like Weeds

UNITED STATES—Not many of our favorite plants grow like weeds. We must help most of them along, and give them what they want. A...
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