Tag: fathers

Fathers Matter Too People

UNITED STATES—I know, I know, I probably should have written this column last week when Father’s Day was actually being celebrated, but I’m glad...

Let Me Love You!

HELLO AMERICA!—Recently, I was watching a film on the tube, and one of the characters was a young six-year-old male character. He was speaking...

Who’s To Blame?

UNITED STATES—Now suddenly, the itch to get away was enormous, Archer felt choked by it. Night had fallen and suddenly, he was his father...

Dads And Daughters

BEVERLY HILLS—Just about the only perfect thing in my life… was my dad. As I watched my insecure friends go through broken dysfunctional relationships, I...

The Case of the Grandma Mommy

UNITED STATES—The photo above shows grandmothers doing what used to be considered familial duty: HELPING. There are many society-crippling issues occurring simultaneously in our country,...
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