Tag: frustrations

Technology Complicates Our Lives More

UNITED STATES—So many of us would like to think that technology makes our lives easier, I unfortunately disagree with that assessment and believe that...

Service Industry Is No Cakewalk

UNITED STATES—I was recently out at a restaurant this weekend and I realized that it was going to be a wait. The pandemic has...

Why Do We Avoid Conflict?

UNITED STATES—I know people who are not afraid of conflict in any form. Rather it be yelling and screaming, or in those heightened situations...

Endless Opportunities Await

UNITED STATES—It’s a New Year, and the opportunities to reach for the stars are unlimited if one is willing to not dismiss their potential....

Work Frustrations

UNITED STATES—Work, some of us love it, most of us hate it. Why is that? Well, when it comes to work, most of us...
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