UNITED STATES—The title alone should tell you everything you need to realize about this column. It is all about the impending Christmas holiday. Christmas decorating can be fun, it can be exhausting, it can be frustrating and it can make you wish the holiday never existed. When I was younger, I loved to decorate for Christmas. However, as I have aged, I don’t love it that much anymore.

I guess the big issue is that I don’t have the patience that I once had as a kid. For starters, lugging all the items in storage from the basement is not fun. I recently pulled out all the Christmas decorations from the basement and I could not believe it. I made almost ten trips up and down the stairs, not to mention, carrying HEAVY totes of decorations for the home.

By the time all the items were upstairs, I felt like I just ran a marathon and I say that in the nicest way possible. I was asked if I was ready to start decorating and I made it clear, it was NOT happening today. My mindset was not ready for it. Putting up the Christmas tree is one thing, the ornaments that are placed on the tree that is a bit more of a stressor. I truly don’t care about placement, but others do. My focus is what you see in some of those retail establishments are just amazing. People, I mean people, really take their time to decorate the tree to make it as festive, bright and unique as they can.

The lights are the most difficult because you find yourself having to get out in the cold bundled up and trying to place the lights on the house, on the roof, on the bushes, on the gate and so much more. There is always a bundle of lights where one or two lights do not work. That one light being out screws up everything, and you find yourself having to purchase more lights. It is a chore, but the bigger chore is actually taking the lights down after Christmas is over.

The weather is not nice and it becomes so frustrating trying to bundle or wrap those lights. We become lazy and we just toss the lights directly into the bin or tote with complete disregard of lights possibly breaking or getting broken. The holiday is over and that is all we think about.

The garland, the wreath, the odd Christmas ornaments, yes, I think sometimes as consumers we do a bit too much when it comes to Christmas decorations and I have no idea why. It feels like Christmas is the biggest holiday when it comes to decorations, and I’m not just focusing on the outside of the home, I am also talking about the interior of the home. You walk into some people’s homes and you automatically think you have walked into a Christmas wonderland.

The one thing I can say is that if you haven’t purchased Christmas decorations, maybe wait until after the holiday to do so. Why? Well, you’re going to get those items for a massive discount. It is much better to save then to spend full price. In addition, I think as long as you have a Christmas tree and a few lights that is all you need. Anything else is a bonus perk.

Written By Jason Jones