Tag: Grammy nominations

Grammy Nominations For 2021 Released

HOLLYWOOD—The 2021 Grammy Nominees were announced on Tuesday, November 23 and per usual the Grammy Nominations left a few people left, a few people...

Beyonce Leads Grammy Nominations

HOLLYWOOD—You know 2020 is a bust when you don’t even remember such staples in the entertainment industry like the 2020 Grammy nominations. Yeah, that...

Lizzo Leads 2020 Grammy Nominations

HOLLYWOOD─The nominees for the biggest accolade in the music industry were announced on Wednesday, November 20. That’s right the nominees for the 2020 Grammy...

Victoria’s Secret, Surprises!

HOLLYWOOD—The 2017 Victoria's Secret show aired on November 28 on CBS. The show was filmed one week ago in the Mercedes-Benz arena in Shanghai-the...

Beyonce Leads 2017 Grammy Nominees

HOLLYWOOD—The contenders for the highest accolade in the music arena have been unveiled. That’s right the nominees for the 2017 Grammy Awards were announced...

Kendrick Lamar Leads Grammy Nominations

HOLLYWOOD—It was expected that country darling turned popstress Taylor Swift would dominate the 2016 Grammy Nominations and the revelation on Monday, December 7, but...
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