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Historic Resources Survey For Multi-Family Residential Properties

WEST HOLLYWOOD—West Hollywood’s Current and Historic Planning Division moved to Phase 2 of updating the 2008 historic context statement and historic resources survey for...

Historic Preservation Commission Votes Palm Project Out

WEST HOLLYWOOD—The Palm Project was rejected after West Hollywood’s Historic Preservation Commission's vote ended in a tie on Monday, July 27. The plan to construct...

City Council Denies Bel Air Home To Become Historic Landmark

BEL AIR—On Tuesday, April 4, the Los Angeles City Council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee (PLUM) denied a Bel Air home from becoming...

Same Sex Marriage Declared A Constitutional Right

UNITED STATES—The Supreme Court made a historic decision on June 26, with a 5-4 vote declaring same sex marriage as a constitutional right extending to...

Beverly Hills Heritage Works To Protect Scout House

BEVERLY HILLS—On May 3, Beverly Hills Heritage posted to their Facebook page asking the local population for support in keeping the last Scout House...
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