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Less We Forget The Man Who Yelled “Sieg Heil’

***EDITOR’S NOTE: The opinions listed below do not reflect those of Canyon News and are solely those of the writer. HELLO AMERICA!—I realize that...

Obama Is Like A Flu Shot

UNITED STATES—When Obama first took office I was happy. I was young, naïve and I thought it would be nice to have a good...

Milada: Dying for Freedom

CZECH REPUBLIC—Milada Horáková was born in Prague on Christmas Day 1901. One could say she was a gift to her country, a lesson of...

Really Briefly Noted

UNITED STATES—The second half of Otis Quigley Keefauver’s ambitious new Freud-inspired fictional spree begins promisingly enough. After defeating Great Britain, Germany annexes it to...
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