Tag: humans

“Blade Runner 2049” Visually Stunning

HOLLYWOOD—Be warned, be warned, “Blade Runner 2049” is an interesting flick, but it is a long movie to be honest. This film clocks in...

Humans Are Being Replaced By Machines!

UNITED STATES—People might think I’m crazy, but I don’t care, I’m going to say it: I like interacting with people! It seems like with...

“Ghost In The Shell” Is A Complete Mess

HOLLYWOOD—I tried people, I really tried to go into the theater with an open mind to the sci-fi action flick “Ghost in the Shell,”...

Speak Easy: Life Is Bipolar!

UNITED STATES—Seems to me there are TOO MANY INTELLECTUALS wasting their time at DEAD END labs across America, studying individual mental illnesses as if...

“The Good Dinosaur,” Strong Message, Not So Exciting

HOLLYWOOD—Well “Jurassic World” created the notion of a world where dinosaurs and humans could possibly co-exist, we all know that is a stretch. However,...

“Chappie” Is A Smart Movie

HOLLYWOOD—The idea of robots being able to manifest human emotion has been debated for years, well since cinema first tackled the issue. Director Neill...
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