UNITED STATES—Seems to me there are TOO MANY INTELLECTUALS wasting their time at DEAD END labs across America, studying individual mental illnesses as if they can solve a problem without stepping back and observing it as a whole.

To evaluate honestly and accurately, we must be willing to criticize ourselves AS WELL as others.

We spend too much time teaching tolerance toward people who are are ruining society and the future of our country, and why? Because we are SCARED TO DEATH if we step on someone’s rights we might set precedent to have our own rights trampled on.

It has been my contention all along that there is one major mental health problem in America and it should be called MANMADE PERSONALITY DISORDER since it is caused by faulty parenting.

Take a look at the basics of mental health, and understand that a parent who does not ARM a child’s mind leaves them unable to thrive and susceptible to depression.

The Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment (May 2014) reports that 90 percent of youth that committed suicide had a psychiatric disorder that included depression and hopelessness. The same excellent research stated that “another important goal of the current study was to examine life stress as a moderator of the relationship between perfectionism and various indices of suicidality.”

Let’s look at that last paragraph. Psychiatric disorder is one of MANY conditions. One could say that perfectionism means everything is “perfect” and we all know we are usually the most happiest when things are perfect.

Suicidality, of course, means depression.

With that in mind do we REALLY believe that 90 percent of the youth that committed suicide had a mental disorder with bipolar likeness?

Or maybe it is time to admit the truth: they were ill-equipped to deal with the ups and downs of reality?

Gabrielle Carson’s Treating the Childhood Bipolar Controversy: A Tale of Two Children gives an interesting comparison between ADHD and Bipolar disorder, but it is the parent details that tells me what I assume.

There was drug use in both houses and reported domestic violence and alcoholism in at least one. I dare say these are the exact households that I am constantly complaining about. Those parents who are disabling children by indoctrinating them with a heck of a lot more than just hopelessness.

Children are being downright programmed by their own parents as racist, helpless, worthless, liars that epitomize what we should call a gimme society.

In fact, whether anyone likes it or not I’ve seen TWO commonalities in people I know personally or have communicated with, who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder to the extent that it prohibits thriving without serious pharmaceutical help:

They had horrible childhoods and/or horrible parents.

They were never taught how to properly react.

I am sorry if no one likes that truth as I know it. The fact of the matter is LIFE IS BIPOLAR. You take a fluctuating society and add to it a human who was never taught proper emotional response and you get the telltale personality disorders that could even be masquerading as ADHD.

How many of you can honestly say that you are happy OR sad all of the time? If you know anybody who is, they are the ones that need pharmaceuticals.

We are human, we have emotions. We are individuals, we have differences.

Everyone experiences what psychology refers to as daily hassles, and the more daily hassles an individual has during one day the more it alters their mood.

And make NO MISTAKE, we are fostering a bipolar era!

In this world of too many devices, where human patience and attention span is at an all-time low, we easily vent with EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS.

Or, in a world of nearly-absent morals, those we love can hurt or disappoint us in big ways and we are expected to forgive, but that doesn’t mean we don’t experience sadness nonetheless. We only hide it, suffer INTRINSICALLY = INSIDE, INTERNAL. As in the kind of thing that leads to depression.

Occasionally in this horribly selfish world we can be happy and even less often it seems: ecstatic about something.

In a world where happy things happen less often, why wouldn’t we be EXTRA HAPPY when something good happens?

Before I get completely roasted, I do believe there are true bipolar cases that unfortunately cannot be accurately studied because the test group is muddied with millions of bad parenting cases, or cases of parents that had nothing to offer, and we certainly cannot teach what we don’t know, can we?

In the end, we need to stop letting society ruin itself in front of our eyes, before we turn into the Earth portrayed in a movie called “Elysium,” where the civilized and uncivilized must be separated for the good of humankind.