Tag: Incredibles 2

“Equalizer 2” Wins Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Hmm, I cannot recall the last time the box-office was such a nail bitter. I was certain, and I mean that with absolute certainty...

“Hotel Transylvania 3” Wins Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—I argued last week that this past weekend at the box-office could be surprising for moviegoers and I was right! For those suspecting “Ant-Man...

“Fallen Kingdom” Box-Office Victor

HOLLYWOOD—It was expected so no one should be surprised with the news that “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” maintained its spot at the top of...

“Incredibles 2” Is Family Magic

HOLLYWOOD—I cannot believe moviegoers had to wait nearly 14 years, yes, 14 years before we finally got the long-awaited sequel to “The Incredibles.” Well...

“Fallen Kingdom” Wins Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—It was a big weekend for dinosaurs at the box-office. The sequel to the 2015 hit “Jurassic World” did big numbers at the box-office,...

“Incredibles 2” Wins Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—It was Father’s Day this weekend, and the multiplex was a popular place to be. The highly anticipated sequel, “Incredibles 2,” nearly 14 years...
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