Tag: Jake Gyllenhaal

“Stronger” Delivers A Gut-Wrenching Punch

HOLLYWOOD—There are those movies that you watch that stir emotions in you that are difficult to describe. Your eyes are opened to realize some...

“Life” Is Thoroughly Entertaining, Thrilling

HOLLYWOOD—I had mixed feelings about the teasers I saw for the movie “Life.” On one spectrum, it comes across as a movie that celebrates...

“Nocturnal Animals” Delivers Lackluster Thrills

HOLLYWOOD—I was eagerly waiting till the moment where I could find time to watch the latest film by fashion designer turned filmmaker Tom Ford,...

“Everest” Is A Visceral Thrill-Ride

HOLLYWOOD—We have all seen documentaries and flicks aimed at chronicling the tale of treachery that lives on Mount Everest. The new movie “Everest” chronicles...

“Southpaw” Delivers Dramatic Uppercut

HOLLYWOOD—I don’t know what it is about boxing flicks that seem to be such crowd-pleasers. With “The Hurricane” and “The Fighter” audiences got the...

Jake Gyllenhaal Departs From Hollywood Home

HOLLYWOOD HILLS—A modest, single story Hollywood Hills residence, which Jake Gyllenhaal, 33, called home for nearly a decade, just sold for $3,262,500. The 2,826 square...
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