Tag: Jeremy Renner

“Tag” Offers Some Laughs

HOLLYWOOD—Ugh, some movies are silly and some are downright hard to believe as a possible true tale. Yes, the movie “Tag,” that game we...

“Arrival” Is A Beautiful, Cerebral Drama

HOLLYWOOD—“Arrival” is the best kind of sci-fi. It’s not only an eerie, thought provoking drama, but it’s something new. The best thing I could...

“Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” Trailer

HOLLYWOOD—The last installment in the “Mission Impossible” franchise, “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” might have been one of my favorites in the entire franchise. Its...

Fall Movie Preview Part IV: Action/Thrillers

HOLLYWOOD—Everything hitting theaters this fall isn’t all drama. For those looking to prolong that summer movie experience with explosions, gunfire or thrills, look no...
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