Tag: journalism

Ethics In Journalism

UNITED STATES─This is a topic I just had to tackle because as a journalist it is quite important to me. If you were to...

“Richard Jewell” Is Powerful Stuff

HOLLYWOOD─What can I say about director Clint Eastwood beyond the guy knows how to craft a damn good movie. Eastwood hands down is in...

Tony Brenna Hits “King” Trump Hard

HELLO AMERICA!—Every time I do an interview on TV or radio, I’m asked who influenced me most as a writer, journalist or as a...

Constance Farrell Appointed City Of Santa Monica PIO

SANTA MONICA—City of Santa Monica Chief Communications Officer Debbie Lee announced in a press release that in October 2016, Constance Farrell was appointed as...

Bad Press

UNITED STATES—We’ve all heard the phrase any publicity is better than no publicity right? Of course, but for some people having your name out...

Journalistic Integrity

UNITED STATES—By now most of you have heard the scandal surrounding NBC Nightly News reporter Brian Williams. It appears he embellished or lied a...
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