HELLO AMERICA!—Every time I do an interview on TV or radio, I’m asked who influenced me most as a writer, journalist or as a radio host. I don’t have to think twice, the name Tony Brenna eased from my mouth with satisfaction. After all, it was Brenna who opened the door to genuine reporting and dealing with some of the most powerful people in the world of the arts and politics. He showed me very little mercy if I screwed up or presented half-baked support or backup for a controversial story, but I quickly realized I was experiencing a master class in journalism.

I was so fascinated by every move Brenna made I was determined to know more about the man I was quickly idolizing nearly every moment of my working day. I quickly discovered that Brenna during his early years as a journalist, he indulged every appetite for his need for love, sex, laughter, adventure and a hunger for truth.

Tony grew up in war-torn England, rising from pugnacious copy to reporter and then a magazine editor, dodging death and detention as a correspondent in Africa, the Philippines, and Israel, spying for the Russians at the UN, facing major celebrities in court and landing at the center of a lurid Hollywood manslaughter trial. Without a doubt, he was and is one of the most fascinating creative hard-hitting writers in the business. When reading his book “Anything for a Headline,” it suddenly begins to open the door to someone quite extraordinary in every sense of the word.

Recently, when reading an opinion of Tony Brenna concerning our current president, it was no surprise that he would let it all hang out quite clearly without wasting words or time. I contacted him expressing how deeply moved I was with his opinions concerning our nation, the White House, and the President-elect.  I mentioned how taken I was with his candor, and pure honesty concerning what is happening to our great nation today

I would appreciate making his ideas and observations as part of this column and he quickly let me know, it would be just fine. So, here it is folks, Tony Brenna telling it the way he sees it. TONY BRENNA IF YOU PLEASE!

What sort of country is this? Why are 46 percent of the people supporting a moron as President? A man who has kids caged; an arrogant no-nothing fool who insults and antagonizes allies; a would-be dictator who ass-kisses similar ghastly global thugs; an ignoramus who doesn’t respect science; distains the natural world; abstains from climate change; and appoints greedy grasping self-serving similar nonbelievers to major governmental posts.

How can so many Americans accept the lies he spouts daily, the distorted reality he preaches, the trashing of press freedom, cuts in social security and Medicare. Why can’t they see the demented Oval Office narcissist doesn’t care about the misled people who elected him? That all he has to offer is a series of broken promises — and phony guidance he gets from filthy-rich geriatric Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News numbskulls. Why can’t his followers see he’s blowing smoke up their butts? That they’re the suckers who will have to pay for tax cuts to the rich –mugs who’ll have to put up with polluted air and water — fools who’ll be too poor to get their sicknesses treated when environmental poisoning strikes. And why are religious zealots suddenly comfortable with the thrice-married whore-master-in-chief? Is it because he’s moving to pack the Supreme Court with anti-gay, anti-abortionist; alleged patriots, flag-waving right-wingers who will do their Evangelistic bidding? Why don’t Trumpsters recognize TREASON when they see and hear about it? Why don’t they feel alarm when POTUS cozies up with praise and secret phone calls to Vladimir Putin – the anti-democracy Kremlin gangster who helped get Orange Judas elected?

Why don’t these people understand their corrupt leader’s willing to sell us all-out in his frenzied grab for more wealth and power? Is it because they’re too dumb to recognize the dangers this 10-times bankrupt so-called business genius poses for their future? Now he’s playing kissy-face with North Korean bomb-master, Kim Jong Un. And Kim’s smart enough to know his opponent’s in bad trouble back home with half the ‘thinking’ American populace – and is desperate for a political triumph. A life-saving deal to paper over what’s likely to be the damning results of Mueller’s investigation: results that are likely to show Poisonous Potus (and his coterie of crooked pals) is knee-deep in tax evasion, money laundering, presidential self-enrichment and nepotism.

Not to mention collusion with an enemy of the state; all of this stemming from his biggest mistake of all, the wrongful firing of James Comey. It will have to be a mighty big Pardon Pen allowing this potentially penitentiary-filling posse of bad guys to go free. Meanwhile, wonder how long it’s going to take the sane half of this country to clean up the global mess our would-be mad king’s made?