Tag: legislation

Can Politicians Just Do Their Jobs?

UNITED STATES—I know I am not the only person who is just absolutely annoyed to the core with politicians nowadays. I don’t care if...

Deal Reached By Congress, Now What?

UNITED STATES—So after months, and I mean months of a major delay, members of Congress, those in the Senate and the House have reached...

Newsom Signs Bills Protecting LGBTQ+ Californians

CALIFORNIA—California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed several bills on Saturday, September 26, requiring California to protect LGBTQ+ Californians. The new legislation includes a system tracking the...

How The UK Differs From US On Handling Online Gambling

UNITED STATES—In 2018, the US saw major changes in the law related to online gambling. The first change legalized online gambling. The second change...

Assemblyman Richard Bloom Fights Plastic Microfibers

BRENTWOOD—California Assemblyman Richard Bloom has introduced the first legislature addressing plastic microfibers. The legislation, titled AB 2379, requires that all clothing made primarily of...

Climate Change Legislation Signed By Governor Brown

GRIFFITH PARK—On Wednesday, October 7, California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation SB-350 at the Griffith Park Observatory. The signed legislation states that it is mandatory...
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