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Concerns Continue Over Mohamed Hadid Mega-Mansion

BEL AIR—The unfinished mansion by real estate developer Mohamed Hadid on 901 Strada Vecchia has been the focus of contention, legal battles, and exploration...

Hadid Mega Mansion Faces More Opposition

BEL AIR—Real estate developer Mohamed Hadid is still facing opposition to build his mega mansion overlooking the city of Bel Air. The 30,000 square-foot...

Lawsuit Filed Against Mohamed Hadid

BEL AIR—On Thursday, June 7, four neighboring residents of Mohamed Hadid’s unfinished mega mansion at 901 Strada Vecchia Road filed a lawsuit against the...

Residents Fight Against Giga-Mansion Construction

BEL AIR—Residents, including actor Jennifer Aniston, are fighting against real estate developers building new giga-mansions in their neighborhoods. Large amounts of land or existing mansions are...

Developer Mohamed Hadid May Be Prosecuted

BEL AIR—On June 2, the Board of Building and Safety Commissioners denied celebrity developer Mohamed Hadid time to bring his Bel Air project up...
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