BEL AIR—Real estate developer Mohamed Hadid is still facing opposition to build his mega mansion overlooking the city of Bel Air. The 30,000 square-foot mansion has been under construction since 2011 and neighbors on 901 Strada Vecchia have voiced their concerns about the project.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled this week to dismiss a motion that would grant Hadid’s request to subpoena records from Bel Air residents who have openly expressed their opposition to the construction of his mansion.

Hadid, the ex-husband of reality star Yolanda Foster of “The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills” and father to models Gigi and Bella Hadid, has been working to complete the home while following building codes and policies from the city of Los Angeles.

The mansion, which sits three stories high, has been a topic of conflict in Bel Air for a several years. The decision of a judge to diminish the request for the records comes several weeks after the judge ordered that the names of the Los Angeles City Inspectors associated with the Hadid property be publicly released.

A lawsuit was filed by four of Hadid’s neighboring residents in June 2018. Rachel Wilson from Sugerman Communications Group indicated in a press release to Canyon News that Hadid failed to comply with several safety building codes while building his mansion. The mansion’s floor area is 30,000 square feet, but the maximum permitted square feet is 11,300 and has a height of 70 feet, where the maximum height is 30 feet tall. Hadid also hid areas of work done at the property from Los Angeles city inspectors including underground rooms and a giant IMAX theater. From 2011 and 2015, the city issued 11 “Order to Comply” citations that required an immediate halt to construction.

Hadid previously faced criminal charges for his illegal construction work in 2015. He pleaded no contest to three criminal counts and was sentenced to 200 hours of community service, probation and fines.

“Despite the criminal conviction, terms of his probation, and lack of valid permits, Hadid and his agents and/or employees have continued efforts to construct and complete the Hadid Development, without regard for Plaintiffs’ safety,” the lawsuit states.

The civil lawsuit against Hadid and the property alleges that bribery transpired with officials from Los Angeles City Hall.

Hadid previously had his building permit revoked and was ordered to cease work on the house, and start the demolition process on the illegal third floor of the home on Friday, February 1, as it violates city code.

The Daily Mail reported that Hadid’s attorney, Jeff Costell noted the safety demands “as a ruse” to get Hadid to break his probation and face jail time.

The website has been created for residents of Bel Air to sign in order to ask Los Angeles City Officials to demand a stop to the construction of Hadid’s mansion, which has been nicknamed the “Starship Enterprise.” The site notes a total of 10 violations against city zoning code/regulations.

“We cannot teach developers that it is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, or the issues at 901 Strada Vecchia will be repeated citywide,” said Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz.