Tag: Montana

Trends Of 2021: 7 Highest Paying Jobs In Montana

UNITED STATES—The job market now is one of the most unpredictable things out there. Especially for the past several years, when you never know...

Meth-Trafficker Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison, Supervised Release

MISSOULA—On Friday, May 22, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that after admitting to bringing methamphetamine into the Flathead Valley, a Californian woman...

“AHS: 1984” Recap: ‘Final Girl’

HOLLYWOOD─I honestly thought last week’s episode of “AHS: 1984” was the season finale, but man was I duped. Why? Last week was the penultimate...

“AHS: 1984” Sets Stage For A Bloody Finale

HOLLYWOOD—The last two episodes of “AHS: 1984” have been so good, I felt like just give me the finale already because I want to...

“AHS: 1984” Regains My Interest!

HOLLYWOOD—I was living and I mean living for this new season of “American Horror Story.” “AHS: 1984” which pays homage to the decade that...

“AHS: 1984” Delivers Nostalgia

HOLLYWOOD—Are you a fan of 80s horror? I know I am, so when I learned the upcoming season of the FX series “American Horror...
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