Tag: music industry

Music Industry Soars!

HOLLYWOOD—The music business made over $21 billion dollars last year, the highest since 2002. Amazingly enough revenues grew by 7.4 percent, driven by the...

Making It In The Music Industry!

HOLLYWOOD—Yesterday, marked Elvis Presley's 84th birthday, and fans from all over the world were in Memphis celebrating. Now, this is making it in the...

Only In The Music Industry!

HOLLYWOOD—It could be just a coincidence, that Selena Gomez is taking time off to deal with panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. It was just...

“Straight Outta Compton” Dark, Insulting

HELLO AMERICA!—It doesn't matter how much money “Straight Outta Compton” is pulling, it still paints a dismal, depressing picture of thousands of hard-working, struggling...

“Empire” Recap: ‘The Devil Quotes Scriptures’

HOLLYWOOD—So here’s the rundown from last night's episode of "Empire" if you missed it. The show begins with Tiana, the one who Hakeem has...
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