Tag: normalcy

Travel Expectations

UNITED STATES—It does appear we are getting back to a hint of normalcy America. Many states across the country are starting to fully reopen,...

We Will Never Be Normal Again

UNITED STATES—I must admit I am so sick and tired of hearing people say let’s get things back to normal. Here is the thing...

What Will Happen When This Is All Over?

UNITED STATES─I know I’m not the only person wondering what will happen with our country once this pandemic ends. One thing that is certain...

How Long Will This Lockdown Last?

UNITED STATES─It has been about 3 weeks America, but I must admit it feels like almost 6 months. This self-quarantine might be the craziest...

Is This The New Normal?

UNITED STATES─It may have only been 2 weeks, but it is starting to feel like an eternity for most Americans with current orders nationwide...
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