UNITED STATES—It does appear we are getting back to a hint of normalcy America. Many states across the country are starting to fully reopen, even though a vast majority of Americans are still unvaccinated. Look, there are people who are going to get vaccinated and there are those people who are NOT going to get vaccinated. No matter what you do, you cannot change a person’s mindset once they’ve already made their decision. With that said, it seems June is kicking things off in a big way with places like Las Vegas attempting to bring normalcy back, in addition, many people kicked off what many of us call the official start of summer with Memorial Day by hitting the road.

Yes, travel season is indeed upon us and with so many people unable to take vacations in 2020 because of COVID-19 people are ready to travel and I’m one of those people. I mean you truly don’t understand what it is like to NOT have something when you are no longer able to do it. Imagine being stuck in your hometown for weeks, months, hell, close to a year. The opportunity to travel would be like opening a present that you have been waiting years for.

I mean to go anywhere; anywhere in the country beyond where you are currently living is a treat. I hated Florida as a kid because we would travel there so much to the point that I got burnt out. However, in 2021 Orlando, FL is a place that I am eager to get back to. Why? I haven’t been there in more than 20 years and I am eager to see how much things have changed since I was last there. Just the opportunity to get out of the daily conundrum of life that has been so boring for the past year would be nice.

A road trip there would be nice, but that’s way too long in a car for me to travel, so airplane would have to be the form of transportation people. With that said, there are a few other places I’d like to travel to in 2021, rather it actually happens or not is another story. Chicago is a place I have always enjoyed; it’s the perfect overnight or a single day trip that is such a breath of fresh air. California is another staple I’d like to visit again, as it’s been more than 15 years since I was last there. Las Vegas is also on the list, but this time around the trip will not be more than 3-4 days. More than 7 days in Las Vegas is way too much people, way too much.

I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle, Washington, don’t ask me why, I’ve just wanted to visit that place since I was a kid and Hawaii is like a dream destination for me, a bit costly, but I feel like that is the perfect escape that will allow me to fully digest and not have to worry about anything at all. When it comes to going outside the United States, well that is NOT going to happen as that is something I am just not comfortable yet America.

The point being is that people are traveling again, and that is a major sign of a piece of normalcy returning. Whatever your destination may be, ensure it is a place where you can be at peace; you can relax and just escape your worries. Sometimes we like to go back to places that we feel normal, but then again it’s not a bad idea to venture to a place that you have never visited before.

Written By Zoe Mitchell