Tag: opportunities

Great Things Come To Those Who Wait

UNITED STATES—I’ve come to realize in life, sometimes things happen when you least expect them. You might be asking what I’m referring to? I...

7 Useful Ideas To Attract More Customers

UNITED STATES—Being an owner of a small business is a challenging task. You have to constantly worry about attracting new customers, managing finances, and...

One Too Many Mistakes

UNITED STATES—How many times do you have to make a mistake to realize that you’ve made that mistake one too many times? For many...

Feeling A Bit Unappreciated

UNITED STATES—We all grapple with it time and time again: feeling unappreciated. This is not just focused on family life, but in the workplace....

Our Man In Amsterdam

UNITED STATES—Tossing and turning the other sleepless night in Hollywood, I made a shocking discovery. Without ever having suspected it, there lurked within me...
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