UNITED STATES—I’ve come to realize in life, sometimes things happen when you least expect them. You might be asking what I’m referring to? I got some great news this weekend about some career aspirations and opportunities that I never thought possible. I can’t say they just fell into my lap. I was actively working on some things, but quite honestly forgot about them. I had always told myself after I completed my Master’s Degree a few years ago that I was completely done with school.

The thought of pursuing any education beyond that I just didn’t think it was something I wanted to do. However, the Coronavirus pandemic transpired and the last 2 years put a lot of things into perspective for me. Life is too short; you never know when your time is up or when an opportunity that is staring you right in the face might disappear if you do not take action. So I decided on a fluke to apply for the Doctoral Degree in the English and Film Studies Department at my alma mater. I thought it was a long shot, but never say never America.

Well, I got a letter in the mail alerting me that I was accepted into the program to start in the fall or if I want to get an early start this summer and I was baffled. I really did NOT think I had a chance. I know I’m a great writer, especially when I’m writing about things that I’m passionate about, film being at the top of that list people. So now I have to weigh the option of pursuing yet another degree, one that is going to be a challenge to say the least, cost me a ton of money in the process, but could be quite fruitful to say the least. It is not just an opportunity for me to gain more education particularly a doctoral degree, but I’ll have the opportunity to teach undergraduate courses in cinema studies in the process of earning a paycheck at the same time.

Teaching would help significantly cut down my tuition costs and keep me in a headspace to be able to earn a living wage in the process and still have free time for screenwriting. I’m already working two jobs now, there is no way I can take a third job, and quite frankly I’m tired of working multiple jobs. I simply want one job: one that pays well, one that is financially stable and consistent and one that allows me to flourish utilizing the skills that I am good at. I don’t simply want to work just for a paycheck, I want work that is purposeful and I feel highlights my creativity and skillset.

Yeah, talk about a dilemma. Opportunities like this don’t always come all the time so I don’t want to live with that regret. I think regret is the one thing that eats us apart. That wondering for ‘what if’ and that is something that I quite frankly don’t want to deal with one single bit America.

I’ve always had three dream jobs when asked what I want to do in life: teaching, lawyer or filmmaker. We’ve already had this discussion in the past, filmmaking is at the top of the list, followed by teaching and then law. With this opportunity, I will get that chance to teach and I’m a firm believer of sharing knowledge with people. I feel ecstatic teaching and helping people, and I’ve always wanted to do it in the collegiate setting, because there is less constraint in my opinion on your methodology when you teach. I’m a firm believer you have to adapt to your students. There is NOT one teaching style that fits everyone.  The fact that I would be able to share my wealth of knowledge in the arena of English and film studies, which I’m passionate about more than I can actually place into words people, it does NOT get any better than that.

At the same time, this opportunity would truly free up some time if I make the decision to truly work on my screenwriting. It is just so difficult to do it when I’m working nonstop all the time. I am tired of doing it. My body, my mind, my spirit can no longer take it people. I feel like a light is shining in front of me offering me over an opportunity of a lifetime and it is chance to take a leap of faith, take a risk and go after something that I didn’t fully consider, but at the same time doesn’t feel like a bad opportunity.

I quite frankly do not know exactly what I’m going to do just yet, I have a few weeks to make a decision, but I am absolutely keeping my options fully open. The thing I’ve discovered about work is that sometimes you get into a lull; you get up, go to work come home and do it all over again. So getting out of that pattern is NOT easy and you soon discover, you may not be happy, but you are doing everything in your power to attempt to paint that picture that all is well. I am a firm believer that if your gut is telling you to do something, it is indeed for a reason, you don’t just have that nagging feeling just to have it, it’s a sign from the universe that you might fall flat on your face, but at the same time it was a risk you took.

Sometimes in life you have to take a risk to see the success that could come with it. You never know one’s potential if you’re not willing to go after something that you never considered, no matter how scary it may appear. That is the thing about life; it is full of unpredictability people.