Tag: Pitch Perfect 2

“San Andreas” Rattles Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well a disaster movie took the top spot at the box-office, as “San Andreas” rattled moviegoers with an impressive $53.2 million. Many speculated that...

“Tomorrowland” Wins Memorial Day Weekend

HOLLYWOOD—This might be the first time in the four-day Memorial holiday weekend, that the box-office didn’t produce epic numbers. Last week “Pitch Perfect” and...

“Pitch Perfect 2” Explodes The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—It is official, the summer box-office will be a competition till the end of August. The sequel “Pitch Perfect 2” singed its way to...

“Pitch Perfect 2” Brings The Laughs

HOLLYWOOD—When “Pitch Perfect” arrived in theaters in 2012 it was an unexpected hit with moviegoers. It was a film that many thought little of,...
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