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Caltrans Announces Road Closures In Malibu

MALIBU—Road closures are set to begin on Monday, March 6 in Malibu between Big Rock Drive and Pena Road/Las Tunas State Beach, Caltrans has indicated....

Preservation + Change Santa Monica Community Event

SANTA MONICA—The city of Santa Monica will be hosting the Preservation + Change community event and workshop on Saturday, August 13, according to a...

Prepaid Tuition Through Private College 529 Plan

CALIFORNIA—For parents and guardians looking for a different route in saving for their children’s college, there is the Private College 529 Plan. This plan...

Healthy Eating Plan 101

UNITED STATES—Eating healthy is no easy task, most Americans know this. You can tell yourself a trillion times that you will do so, but...

Residents Oppose Plan To House Fire Crew Inmates

MALIBU—The Los Angeles County Fire Department will no longer seek to construct a new area housing station. The news was announced mid-week, when it...
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