UNITED STATES—The resolution for 2021 for so many Americans is to eat better. I know it was at the top of my list because the quarantine 15 was a real issue for a vast majority of Americans. It is one thing to eat bad because you want to; it is another thing to not be healthy because you have no option people. The options were limited during the pandemic and not just in terms of what you can eat, but the fact that so many of us were forced to stay inside, there was no place to go or better suited, you could not go anywhere because everything was closed.

With that said, we became idle and lazy and all that food we ate just sat until it turned into fat and with the New Year in effect, so many of us are attempting to get our bodies back into shape. However, there will be temptation all around us that will make it harder to heed our own advice and focus on that healthy plan we have in place. For starters, you have to start small. Baby steps helps with taking on too much at once.

That is the biggest problem people who attempt to be healthy fail to acknowledge: you cannot change everything overnight. If you could, it would be so easy to go from eating bad to eating healthy. That is like telling someone who has always eaten meat to stop eating meat and to go Vegan without as much as a hiccup. That will fall flat on its face every single time if you attempt it. So let’s say if you want to curb eating fast food. You cannot just go the entire week and not have a possible cheat day.

Let’s say you’re one who is used to eating out 3-4 times a week, cut it down to 1-2 days a week. That helps you greatly. From there you can ultimately get to a point where you and your family are not eating out at all. You’ve achieved your goal that easily. Trying to limit fatty, sugary foods, you have to start with your home. If you are attempting to kick a habit you have to get everyone else in your family on the train as well. Now you cannot expect them to fully embrace what you’re doing, but you should expect them to understand that you will NOT be purchasing those items moving forward.

You then need to make the move to clean out the cabinets, fridge, and freezer of items that will jeopardize your goals. You cannot be tempted to eat those items if they are not in your presence people. In addition, you have to cut yourself slack. You are going to fall off the wagon and when you do simply GET BACK ON THE WAGON! Don’t allow one small hiccup to be the end of your journey to fulfill whatever healthy food goal you have set in your mind.

Journaling would also be a good idea. You might look at it as being work, but look at it as a long-term commitment. Perhaps you start by just listing each day the foods you ate. Then as subsequent weeks transpire you become more detailed: the number of calories you consumed, calories burned during exercise, etc. By writing things in a journal it allows you to keep track of your progress. Where you started, where you struggled and where you are now today. You might be stunned to see the progress made, how you overcame obstacles you least expected and your journey might be the motivating factor that pushes others to reach for the stars at the same time.

Look we all know we have to eat better, but if it were easier, everybody would do it. Put your mindset to make it happen and you can make it happen people. Baby steps, just remember baby steps.

Written By Zoe Mitchell