Tag: Politicians

Political Ad Mayhem

UNITED STATES—You know when it’s election year, when those political ads start running on television. It’s only September, and I’m telling myself now I...

Pipe Bomber Cesar Sayoc Arrested

UNITED STATES—Cesar Sayoc, 56, of Florida was arrested in connection to sending several pipe bombs via postal mail. He was charged with a total...

Enough Is Enough, Gun Control Is A Must!

UNITED STATES—I am going to share something that many Americans including myself was baffled to hear. We have become desensitized to the notion of...

Gun Control Is A Must America!

UNITED STATES—We’ve talked about it before, and yet again we have another situation where violence has erupted in the United States from the direct...

Demanding More From Our Politicians

UNITED STATES—Politics, it’s the one subject matter just like religion that gets so many people riled up. I can’t really recall having a healthy...

Politicians And Their Suitors Claim A Desire For Privacy

WASHINGTON D.C. —This week was relatively quiet on the political front. Yes, there are any number of scandals and partisan bickering going on in...
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