Tag: pruning

Deciduous Fruit Trees Need Pruning

UNITED STATES—Deciduous fruit trees have no business in a low maintenance landscape. They need as much specialized pruning while dormant in winter as roses...

Pollarding Is Extreme Tree Pruning

UNITED STATES—Most arborists insist that pollarding is horticulturally incorrect. However, most of us who have pollard trees in our home gardens are not arborists....

Figs Are Easy To Propagate

UNITED STATES—The easiest way to propagate new fig trees may seem to be violent, but it works. Basal shoots that grew last year from...

Arborists Specialize In Tree Horticulture

UNITED STATES—Why is it so difficult to believe that there are so many different kinds of horticultural professionals? No one is ever surprised that...
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