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Oscars Lowest Ratings!

HOLLYWOOD—No one is surprised that the 93rd Academy Awards was going to be the lowest watched and lowest rated awards show ever, with only...

Bad News All The Time?

UNITED STATES—I watch the local news daily, I want to know what is going on in my orbit. However, I’ve known this, but I’m...

Ratings Are Everything!

HOLLYWOOD—The ratings for Super Bowl LIII were still good, even though it was a snoozer. While 100.7 million viewers watched the show, the numbers...

Ratings And More!

HOLLYWOOD—What happened to the Grammys, this year? While it had some great performances, the younger generation said, it was sort of boring. Taylor Swift's...

Hospital Infections In Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES—Hospitals can be a breeding ground for the spread of diseases. If an individual is healthy and goes to the hospital for a regular annual...

The “Empire” Effect

HOLLYWOOD—Plenty of people are still wondering why the FOX series “Empire” was such a favorite with audiences.  The fact that the ratings grew week...
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