Tag: refunds

Tax Season Is About To Begin America

UNITED STATES—Are you ready? Yes, tax season officially kicks off January 29, but you can perhaps submit your return earlier via federal e-filing even...

The Christmas Return Rush Begins

UNITED STATES—For many Americans, we have finally been able to take a deep breathe. Why? Christmas is over, rejoice, but at the same time,...

Street Sweeping Forgiveness Process Underway

SANTA MONICA—During the Santa Monica City Council meeting on Tuesday, September 14, it was approved a forgiveness program for street sweeping citations issued between...

Start Preparing For Tax Season Now

UNITED STATES—It is that time of year people, no I’m not talking about New Year resolutions, I am talking about tax season. Yes, America...

Tax Season Comes To An End!

UNITED STATES—Well, the time has come America, tax season has culminated and for those not receiving a refund, which may be more of us...
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